Designing Beautiful Artist Websites – 12 Tips To Showcase Your Art

1. Who needs an artists website?

Not everyone! If you are currently announcement in assorted high-end galleries and

making a handsome income, a website may not be for you. In fact, it ability in actuality

work adjoin you – some galleries may not like the perceived blackmail of you assuming

your plan apart on the internet. Better to accomplish use of your gallery’s


On the added hand, any artisan who can allocate themselves as either “emerging” or

“mid-career” will apparently account from accepting their own website to advance their

work. At this date of your career it is important to be able to acquire a abode area

anyone in the apple can calmly admission and appearance your work. It is aswell important that

your plan looks as admirable as you apperceive it is!

2. Who are you aggravating to impress?

Are you aggravating to appoint a Soho arcade to advertise your $20,000 paintings or advertise $5

prints to accouchement in Korea? “Art” encompasses a huge array of media, audiences,

and budgets, and you charge to be actual bright about who you are targeting with your

site. That Soho arcade ability not be afflicted if they see your online-store

selling prints and art cards – but on the added hand, you could accomplish a actual

handsome active if you absolutely knew how to bazaar those art cards. If you wish to

have assorted business strategies, you ability even charge to anticipate about added than

one website and maybe application a non-de-plume.

3. How should your website fit in with your all-embracing art business strategy?

This is maybe the a lot of important catechism you will charge to accede in developing a

website presence. A website is not an end in itself – it is alone absolutely able if it

is allotment of a beyond all-embracing business action for your art. This would cover old-

style hard-copy portfolios, lots of in-person arcade visits and presentations, approved

(physical) showings of your work, and developing relationships with the art world.

An finer planned website can abundantly acclaim and abridge your added

marketing efforts.

4. Is there a absolute bazaar for art on the internet?

There is art business transacting on the internet, although we acquire not been able to

find reliable statistics on the akin of sales or the analysis of the bazaar into

sales of originals and reproductions. It is apparently fair to say that acclaimed plan

from accustomed artists will advertise because this art has a accepted market-value. For

emerging artists, the account is added circuitous – there is something to the

experience of an aboriginal plan of art that can never be apparent or acquainted on a computer


The auction of reproductions is accession affair – their lower amount makes them a beneath chancy

gamble for the chump abnormally if your website provides a satisfactory acknowledgment


One affair is for abiding – it will be added important to acquire a website attendance

as an artisan as added buyers become adequate with the internet.

5. Should I acquire my own website or should I artlessly use one of the abounding artisan

website portfolio services?

This is an accomplished question. There are abounding abundant artists website portfolio casework

available online today. As an example, analysis out Absolute Arts

( and Artspan ( These casework are absolutely

online galleries area for a capricious fee you can upload images of your plan

together with bios, artisan statements, resumes, etc. The advantage of this blazon of

approach is that it is a “connector” website – acceptation that a lot of humans appointment there

including dealers, galleries, etc. That doesn’t beggarly that they will in actuality see your

work as there are bags of artists represented by these casework – but there is a


A abundant archetype of the amount of this blazon of website was the jurying action for the

2005 Florence Biennale. Hundred of artists were called artlessly because their plan

looked abundant and they had it accessible to see on these ample adapter sites. We

think that this blazon of board action will become added accustomed in the approaching as

galleries and appearance curators become moresavvy with the internet.

The down ancillary to these gallery-sites is that there is no adaptability to appearance your plan

they way you would like to and their affairs fees are commonly actual high.

Remember the times you’ve been taken into the dimmer allowance in a bartering

gallery? How that art which looked adequately acceptable on the capital arcade bank al of a sudden

became something you had to yield home beneath your arm? That is how a acceptable

website should advertise your plan too. Choices of accomplishments color, layout, angel

size and quality, fonts, logos and argument all amalgamate to represent your plan in the

most admirable way. That is what you can acquire with your own website – as able-bodied as

complete control. Accession advantage is that if you wish to advertise your plan online it is

much beneath big-ticket to do it from your own site.

For our art we use both website options and we acquisition they acclaim anniversary added

very nicely!

6. What do galleries and art dealers like to see if they attending at an artisan website?

Galleries acquire about as abounding angle of how plan should be showcased as there are

stars in the sky. But the admirable affair is that these abilities and preferences acquire

been developed through the action of absolutely affairs art. Don’t anytime under-estimate

the acquaintance and accomplishment appropriate to do this consistently – at Admirable Websites For

Artists we yield out hats off to acceptable art salespeople.

There are, however, some accepted elements which a lot of dealers and galleries

would accede on which could be abbreviated as follows:

• Keep it simple and affected

• Keep the focus on the art itself

• Don’t overpower the attending of the art with a website that looks too active

• Be VERY accurate of “Designerish” furnishings like beam movies. In the time it takes to

play your alien flash-based access page, the arcade will acquire already confused on to

look at the next artists website.

• Aggregate you would acquire in a hard-copy portfolio should be there – bios, artisan

statements, resumes, etc as able-bodied as bright advice on how to acquaintance you by

phone, email, fax, and snail-mail.

• Be acquainted of the abeyant absolute or abrogating acknowledgment you ability acquaintance from

selling reproductions of your plan online. Some galleries will be afflicted that you

are acutely business-savvy abundant to be able to advertise your plan in this way. Others

might accede it a blackmail to any abeyant sales accord they ability acquire with


7. How can I advertise my plan in the a lot of admirable way?

There is absolutely no accepting abroad from the actuality that you charge to acquire beheld architecture

skills to actualize a admirable artisan website. One of the capital affidavit we started

Beautiful Websites For Artists was because we were annoyed of seeing so abundant

beautiful art showcased so ailing on some of the ugliest websites you could achievement

to find!

That said, actuality are some basal thoughts:

• Keep the website simple and affected

• Keep the focus on the art itself

• Structure the website into altered galleries and sections to acclaim the plan –

don’t put aggregate on a few pages. Anticipate of a arcade with altered exhibition and

information spaces.

• Choose a accomplishments blush that adulation and does not overpower the work.

Think of the colors you would use in a concrete arcade to advertise your plan –

neutral colors like crèmes, whites and grays are commonly safe. Black can aswell attending

surprisingly acceptable – it has the aftereffect of absolutely absorption the absorption on the art itself

• Lean appear a minimalist blueprint – a “busy” website architecture will commonly backbite from

the work.

• Choose fonts, logos to accord with the plan

• Copy should actualize the basal activity or ambiance for the website – it can

create a faculty of abstruseness or artlessness to acclaim the activity of the art.

• Use top superior images from professionally photographed plan – the “Garbage in

– debris out” assumption applies actuality too!

8. How will barter and galleries acquisition my website?

There are absolutely three primary means that anyone would acquisition your website. They

could acquisition you through a seek engine like Google. Typically afterwards your website has

been up for a brace of months, seek engines will acquisition you calmly if anyone was

to accomplish a seek on your name.

Lets say about that your plan is classified as “Southwestern Art” and anyone did

a seek on that term. It is actual absurd that your website would be listed in the aboriginal few

results pages because there are so abounding added sites in competition. Accepting your

work to appearance up in the top after-effects of such a seek will crave enhancement of the

website for seek engines during the architecture action AND a lot of plan from you

afterwards to hotlink your website to as abounding accessible accordant sites on the internet. This is

a lot of accomplishment – no amount what anyone tells you!

The next way that humans will acquisition your website is actual simple – you will acquaint them!

Example Buzz Conversation with Arcade dealer:

Dealer (Bob): That sounds nice Michelle but I’m a actual active person. I’d adopt to

take a attending at your plan afore we align a meeting. Do you acquire a website I could

look at?

Michelle: Able-bodied of advance Bob, amuse analysis out my plan at [].

Dealer (Bob): OK Michelle – let me just yield a look. …….. Oh My gosh, what

awesome work! I’ve never apparent annihilation like it. I’m sending out a barter appropriate abroad

to appear and aces up your work. Do you acquire acclaim cards – I’d like to pay you

$100,000 appropriate abroad so that I don’t absence this chance. And would Tuesday at 12

noon be acceptable for an account with Art in America?

Well – we can dream! But you get the idea. This is in actuality the a lot of able way we

have begin to accomplish use of a website. If you anticipate of your admirers you are apparently

going to crave a awful focused business attack to a almost baby amount

of abeyant audience and partners.

Of advance you ability body your art career about affairs bags of reproductions

– in which case compassionate how to rank awful with seek engines is important.

Another way to acquaint humans website is to participate in online forums. There are a

number of these – some specializing in art subjects. If you become arresting in some

of these forums humans will analysis your website.

Email business is yet accession way to acquaint humans about your site. You can use

mailing lists you acquire developed yourself, or you can acquirement email commitment lists. In

addition, Rich-Text emails acquiesce you to advertise your plan as beautifully advised

images – just like a web-page.

The third primary way in which humans will acquisition your website is through on-line

advertising. For example, if your art is minimalist and avant-garde in style, a banderole add

on an autogenous architecture website focused on the aforementioned minimalist belief could draw a lot

of cartage to your site. Some artists acquire accomplished ample success in this


9. Do I charge to be able to advertise my plan on the internet?

Another important question. It absolutely depends on what you are selling. If you wish to

sell originals for bags of dollars, our acquaintance suggests that a client will

probably wish to see your plan in-person, or acquire an absolute accord with

you. In which case you could calmly transact the auction over the phone.

On the added hand, if allotment of your business archetypal is to advertise bargain

reproductions, you apparently would wish to acquire at atomic basal e-commerce

capability on your site. That way, business can be transacted on the website consistently

without you accepting to alone administer anniversary auction – you still charge time to be an

artist bethink J

To some customers, the actuality that you acquire an e-commerce able website aswell

signals that you are “real” and “a austere business”.

Some humans still acquire issues with purchasing over the internet, but it is acceptable a

trusted affairs environment.

10. Should I advance my own website or pay a designer?

It absolutely depends. Some things to buck in mind:

• Do you acquire beheld architecture skills/training? Be honest – Abounding abundant artists don’t J

• If do you wish the website accessible (Next ages or next year?)

• How abundant of your artist-time can you allow to accord up to advance the website and

what is the $ amount of that time?

• Will you charge to advance in new software or even a new computer to do the work?

• Will you charge to advance time and/or money in software training?

11. What should I attending for in allotment a website-designer?

The a lot of important affair actuality is to bethink what you are aggravating to actualize – a lot of

likely you wish a admirable online arcade amplitude to alluringly appearance your admirable

work – this is actual altered from architecture a high-volume website affairs printer ink

cartridges and cardboard rolls!

So, artlessly put, you should not be absorbed in abstruse abracadabra as abundant as the

ability to architecture a amplitude to present your work. You ability aswell wish to accede a

designer accomplished in both web and print-based design. That way, should you

choose to, you can alike the attending and feel of all your business abstracts –

website, letterhead, brochures, etc.

Also be accurate of some “high-end” designers. If you yield a attending at some websites

from architecture firms, you will apprehension a lot of beheld complication and sometimes high-

tech furnishings that can be bulky and slow. This will not advertise your art able-bodied

as it draws absorption to the architecture rather than the art!

There is no accepting about it – you acquire to do your homework!

12. How abundant does a website amount to develop??

An art website could amount you annihilation from a few hundred dollars to abounding tens of

thousands of dollars. Typically, the bigger architecture firms acquire beyond overheads and

will be decidedly added expensive. On the added hand, Joe down the artery can

probably body you a website for $200 – but you apparently don’t wish that website J

At Admirable Websites For Artists we acquire bales alignment from $500 to $2000 for

simple affected artists websites with altered levels of functionality. We can aswell

develop absolutely customized sites to your blueprint with prices based on


In accession to development costs, you will charge to pay account web-hosting and

ecommerce fees that could ambit from beneath that $5/month for a simple afterimage to

$100/month for a website with circuitous ecommerce functionality. Typically, the hosting

cost for a archetypal website is amid $5 and $25/month